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For centuries, black women have had their collective story read to them like sweet lullabies before bed. We have been labeled as angry, overbearing, sassy, masculine, and so many other words that can leave a bitter taste on the tongue. People and society as a whole have often failed to see the captivating beauty of the black woman’s trials and triumphs.

In a world that rarely affirms us and our contributions, it’s imperative to make room for ourselves.

It’s imperative to make room for our stories as told from our own point of view. There is power in the reclamation of a story that was stolen. It is power in being able to sit with your own memories and share these same precious moments with other black women from various walks of life.

Tell Your Story, Sis was created with black women in mind. What type of black women you may ask? Ones like you and ones unlike you. Black Womanhood runs on an immense spectrum and we are proud to celebrate all of these stories. This space is meant to connect us in a way where we are able to lean into the best and worst parts of ourselves. I’m excited to have you here and welcome you to tell your story, sis.