All in faith

Fear of Flying

This past weekend I had the chance to visit Turks and Caicos island with my best friend. As I floated in this water that seemed perfectly stained like the windows in the church, I realized how much travel has impacted me. 

If the levee breaks

Words from KA: What happens when your protector needs protection? What happens when your support system begins to collapse and now you're forced to be strong?

The Delayed Harvest

I recently finished a book that traced the lineage of two families from Ghana. What was unique was how drastically different their lives had been after one sister was sold into slavery and the other was sold to a soldier for marriage.

Blind Faith

If you've been following me lately then you're aware that I recently accepted a new position. For a lack of better words, it has been extremely underwhelming. 

The Broken Red Light

The other day as I traveled to a work event I found myself at an intersection. No really, like most people I was driving and reached a point where I could go no further until I was signaled that it was my turn. 

Life Got You Down?

I received word from a friend yesterday that something terribly bad had happened in their personal life. Being the person I am, I offered an obligatory condolence and my favorite bible verse.