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5 Self-Care Survival Skills

5 Self-Care Survival Skills

How do you function when your world is seemingly imploding? A better question is do you function when your world is imploding? Most of my adult life has taught me that the only constant in life is change and you have to be willing to dip with the lows and jump for the highs. Being able to knock all the curveballs out the park is admirable but sometimes it just doesn't happen like that. Sometimes our best bet is to just move out the way and pray the ball doesn't hit us smack down in the face.

I've always loved the phrase, "if you stay ready then you never have to get ready", and I do believe it holds so much truth. Being prepared when life throws you for a loop may not keep you from facing the crisis but it could prevent a possible meltdown. One of the biggest favors I've done for myself lately is find a self-care routine that can be initiated at any moment and any location. These are a few nuggets of wisdom which have helped me find a routine that works best for me.

Listen to your body

There are some things that no one else will be able to help you with and this is one of those things. Our bodies provide us with our own personal S.O.S when the world is getting crazy. IT can at times be sudden but it could also be delayed and gradual. For me, my shoulders tighten, my heartbeat quickens, and  for a lack of better words it seems as if someone is placing a large amount of pressure on my body. These are indicators that I should pause for the cause and bring myself back to reality.

Be True to You

People will give you 101 things that they guarantee will center you in a moment of panic but everything isn't for everybody. Self-Care isn't meant to be trendy but if anything, it is unique and tailormade to ensure it is providing you with the comfort your seek. If your activity leaves your more drained than refreshed then it may be time to reevaluate what you are doing.

Be Proactive

There are a lot of things that happen in life which are unexpected and hit you like a ton of bricks. These are the things you weren't planning for and can barely imagine as being your current reality. Life changing events like this may take a different approach but some things can be planned for. Half of self-care is identifying things/people/places that can be triggers. Having a mental list of these different issues can help you avoid situations that you know may be do you more harm than good. 

Be Unapologetic

Self-care is just that...how you care for yourself. This doesn't include how you care for your mom, partner, friend, cousin, or the neighbor who always needs assistance. While your self-care practice shouldn't be harmful to other people, your own well being should certainly be at the forefront. Sometimes you have to find peace in your solitude and remove all distractions which unfortunately can sometimes be our own support system. Those truly invested in you will understand that it is nothing personal against them but EVERYTHING personal for you.

 Stick with It

Luckily, life is filled with good and bad which gives us a time to breathe a sigh of relief. It is so easy to kick back when everything is on track which means our routines can be neglected. I recommend introducing a self-care routine as a part of your daily life not just those moments when all hell breaks loose. For me, I write positive affirmations in the morning, read a daily devotional and prayer, read at least 20 pages of a book of my choice, and sometimes I even pull my coloring book off of the shelf. Even on days when life is perfect, these actions remind me that it is okay to pull back from the world and do something that feeds my soul.

What are some of your self-care survival skills?

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