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Return to Sender

Return to Sender

I was recently reading Big Magic which left me pondering my own commitment to my gifts. I won’t spoil the book but there was one piece that stood out to me the most. It was the idea that the universe isn’t just comprised of human beings, animals, and plants. The authors belief was that ideas were also floating around and were just as essential as the aforementioned “beings”. Her grand idea was that humans don’t create ideas but instead are found by the ideas they are  called to carry out. 

Let me explain because you’re probably wondering where she and now I am going with this. Ideas seek out a human vessel in order to manifest. It may pop in and give subtle and sometimes not so subtle signs in hopes that the human will claim it. Just like us, ideas don’t like being neglected or pushed to the side. Without the right attention and care; the idea will vanish as quickly as it appeared to find a more suitable companion.

What if this is true? What if our gifts and talents aren’t our own to keep? How often have you had an idea or a talent but didn’t do your part?

You had the great business idea come to you in a dream and you gave it attention  but only sparingly. You treated it like the red headed stepchild and only spared time for it sporadically once more “important” things had been handled.  You’re then left shocked when someone else has executed your precise  idea to perfection. How can you be upset when you didn't appreciate it while you had it? You didn't take the time to practice. You didn't do anything out of the ordinary to keep this extraordinary gift. You're only allowed to be mad at yourself for these very reasons. You unknowingly triggered the “return to sender” button. God and the universe alike don’t provide you with gifts only for them to collect dust. A lot of people receive gifts under the assumption that it is for them and them alone.I hate to break it to you but that’s not the case. 

Our gifts and ideas are often given to us because we seemed like the best host. We had the makings of a person who would be diligent as we honored our gifts because we knew it honored Him. So often we fall short because we don’t just take our time but we are outright  lazy. We take 30 years to pick up a gift that God is telling us to focus on now. We put the gift yearning for our attention on the back burner to focus on what WE want to do.  We fail to realize that our gifts and ideas are often the key to someone else unlocking the door that blocks the path God has laid out for them. God is so intentional that He will take it right out of your hands and place into another person's authority to ensure His will is done.

Imagine having a  young child at home that relies on you heavily for care. You’re responsible for providing them with their most essential needs to not only help them survive but to thrive. Life is happening all around you so slowly but surely, you begin to drop the ball. Before you know it, you’re faced with a few choices that need to be made immediately

You can either:

  1. Step your game up by giving  them the care they need and deserve 

  2. Find someone who is willing and able to do what you’re currently not 

  3. Continue down your path to the child’s detriment which also decreases your likelihood of someone entrusting you with something similar in the future

That young child I’m referencing is your gift. It’s your ability to write, sing, paint, sew, garden , help others, cook, and the list could go on and on .  Just like an actual child, we do our personal best to pour into them in hopes that one day they’ll blossom into something beautiful right before our eyes. Pouring into our gifts doesn’t mean that it will be stress free or that we will always get it right each and every time. Pouring into our gifts doesn’t even mean that we will always be the owner of them. 

One day,because of our radical TLC, they’ll be released into the world. The same God given gifts and ideas you’ve tended to will find their way around planting seeds in the minds of perfect strangers. Don’t miss your opportunity to do what you’re meant to do. Our gifts aren’t always willing to stay around waiting for us to get our acts together. Sometimes they serve as the sign for us to get our acts together. 

 What are some gifts you've been neglecting?

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