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Maintaining Your Spiritual Posture

Maintaining Your Spiritual Posture

I visited the shoe store over the weekend in search of a more comfortable pair of sneakers. In an attempt to see what style I needed, I was asked to stand in front of the employee so he could evaluate what my posture said about me. He quickly informed me that my foot posture was off which was impacting how I was currently standing and this could cause  issues in the future. I took his advice and purchased the pair of shoes that were the best fit for me and would counter some of the issues he mentioned.

Fast forward to last night where I sat towards the back of the church for bible study. As I grow older, I’ve started to understand the importance of my own relationship with God more and more. This relationship is not bound by my past and marked with a scarlet A for all the times I abandoned him. This relationship is constantly shifting as I grow but He remains constant as the provider of what I need. I'm trying to do my part which means attending church regularly, being more intentional in my prayer, and showcasing God through my own actions. I want people to talk with me and feel a little closer to His glory. This doesn't happen over night but is built through work and honoring my bond with Him.

Last nights sermon was about grace from the church body and the reminder that we are one of God’s tools for spreading this light. There are so many people who believe they can’t be on the receiving end because of where they currently are or where they used to be. I used to be that person and sometimes still operate in this mindset. I believed I was too far off the deep end for God to ever really rock with me. I had been in church daydreaming one too many times for God to ever see the need to answer my prayers. I had pushed Him to the back-burner time and time again. Why would He still find time to make me a priority when I hadn't done the same for Him? I  found refuge in others because the devil really had me believing I wasn't deserving of His time. 

We need to  position and posture ourselves to be blessed.

This one line from my pastor stuck out amongst the rest. It was the second time in less than a week that posture had been used and I wondered about its relevance and what God was trying to tell me. Similar to what I had been told at the shoe store, how I was standing in my faith was impacting my present  and would continue to do so if I didn’t correct the problem. Was my posture reflective of someone who believed in Gods promise over my life and knew the power of His grace and mercy ? Was my posture towards God lax which caused me to be off balance as I navigated life’s many twist and turns?

My spiritual posture had been on a decline and I was digging myself a hole which would require Gods assistance to pull me out. Unfortunately, there are no shoes that I know of that offer stability to your spiritual walk. However, there are certain tools God provides to help you learn to stand tall again and to walk with Him.  

Here are a few of my own actions that have helped me improve my spiritual posture and stand proudly in my faith.


Believe in God's promise for your life. 

It’s one thing to hear others talk about what He has done in your life but it’s another to believe He could do the same for you. I had been through too much to believe God could still be in my corner. I doubted Him and consistently questioned Him which impacted me in other areas of my life. I was deep into a depressive fog and my anxiety was always at the forefront of anything I did. I should have been confident in His ability but instead decided to be  extremely critical of my worth and His capacity to deal with my mess. Asking God for something and believing him to do something are two completely different things. This is the foundation of what it means to walk by faith and not by sight. It's scary leaving the worst and toughest parts of ourselves with someone else but God is not just anybody. The power He has reaches across nations and lands we haven't even discovered to find us right where we are. He finds us in our hurt. He cradles us in our trauma. He picks us up when life throws us down time and time again. He has the ability to do this for all of us because He's not bound by worldly constraints. 


Be intentional about your walk.

Growing up I remember feeling like the only way to be firm in your faith was to speak in tongues and be filled with the Holy Ghost. Based on these standards, I assumed I wasn’t cut out to be a true follower because I had never had these experiences. I had to learn that my walk wasn’t my mom's walk or that of my friends. I had to learn that just as with walks in real life, I would be faced with obstacles that would fall into my path. Even with the knowledge that it wouldn’t always be smooth, I couldn’t turn around because I hadn’t reached my destination. What’s my destination? A life that’s filled with more of God than it is of me. The walk doesn't have to be perfect because who is? Imagine being on a team and God is your coach pushing you along the way and teaching you the ups and downs of this thing called life. You can miss every winning shot and He'll still work with you to be better because He doesn't keep a record of your losses. Don't you owe a person like that the effort of at least trying to be your best no matter how many times you fall short?


Walk it like you talk it. 

Truth be told, my ankle had been causing me pain for years before walking into the shoe store over the weekend. I was going through my everyday life with hurt that I had been holding on to forever because I didn't want to make the necessary changes. Our pain sometimes becomes so embedded in our lives  that we hold on to it even though it is detrimental to our overall wellbeing. All that was needed from me was a choice to say I don’t want to hurt anymore and I need better options for support. Your relationship with God is the same way. He's your best option for support. Yes, you may have been hurting for the majority of your life but God is ready to alleviate those trouble areas. You gain nothing from saying you're fine when your life is actually in shambles. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing everything is taken care of regardless of  your current circumstances. God is ready to welcome you into the fold and provide the necessary supports to help you stand with Him.


How are you planning to improve your spiritual posture?

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