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Life Lessons from an almost 27 Year Old

Life Lessons from an almost 27 Year Old

I'll be celebrating my 27th birthday in two days and I'm amazed at how much I don't have it together. As an ambitious high school student I just knew that I would be married by 25 with kids. Yes, I put a s on the end because I wanted more than one. I say all that to drive home the fact that my life is nothing like I imagined. In honor of the 19th, I want to share a few invaluable lessons I've learned along the way.


Success doesn't equate to money

Sometimes people assume that I have money to blow which couldn't be further from the truth. I knew receiving my second degree would push me to another  level financially. In actuality, I'm still underpaid and have $70,000 worth of loans under my belt. Your money or lack of doesn't define you as a success or failure. Your empathy, your desire, and your will to push forward is what makes you a real success.


You're worth waiting for

I've talked about relationships before but one in particular that sucked me dry. My significant other and I weren't compatible but yet our selfishness and my fear of being alone kept us together. Sometimes God doesn't give us what we want the moment our heart desires it. Sometimes He waits until we are ready and capable of protecting what He has entrusted us with. This means getting to know your star player and having a moment to re-evaluate your worth.


God doesn't blink

There are some significant moments in my life where I've wondered if God had taken His eye of me. As I've grown in my years and my faith, I've learned the valuable of seeing God in everything. Doing your best to discover His inner message can do amazing things for your mindset. Even in the midst of your worst days, God is carefully crafting away in your favor.


All friends aren't forever

An old myth makes us feel that anyone who enters our universe has earned a lifetime guarantee. I've had to come to terms with the undeniable fact that some people are only present for a season of your life. These people arrive to teach us valuable lessons and sometimes to model what friendships should not be like. You have to love yourself enough to know when to serve someone their walking papers.


Forgiving others is essential

I can't even begin to truly explain some of the feelings I have for people who were once in my life. In particular, I think of some of those who left me out to dry after my accident including my own cousin. Imagine walking around with a 100 pound bag for years even though you could have let it go at anytime. Walking around hating people wont do anything but make your walk through life difficult. Let that hurt go and free up that mental space for something more uplifting and valuable.


Bonus point

It is completely okay not to have it altogether. We all get caught up in the game of comparison and it eats away at our spirit. Our friends may have the families we desire, the money we deserve, the job we prayed for but don't be defeated. Some of us have to be a hot mess longer than others in order to appreciate what is coming our way. Live your life and enjoy this particular chapter you are in.

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