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The Devil Hears Prayers Too

The Devil Hears Prayers Too

 I can’t speak for everyone but I’ve struggled with God a lot and some of this struggle is fairly recent. Last Friday as I drove to my parent’s house in NC, I decided to spend a portion of my time talking to God. I believed this would be a calm interaction but instead I unleashed a fury that had been dormant in my soul for many moons. I expressed my anger, confusion, and overall unhappiness with the direction of certain things in my life. I also asked for the patience and the grit to take His direction and use it to my benefit. It was no surprise that the last thing I heard before waking up on Saturday morning was a voice with a very serious question: Have you stepped into your purpose?

I don’t hear voices and though I believe in the universe speaking to us, I had never had such an experience. I say all that to say that I was scared straight as I tried to replay the voice in my head and remember if I had stepped on God’s toes. Had I said something that left a bad taste in my mouth during this 30 minute ramble and was this all He had to say? It wasn’t our first time in the ring together and even with my best punches, He always came out unscathed. I reflected on my life and all the unanswered prayers and all the prayers which were answered sometimes immediately.

I remember initially after my accident when I prayed for God to take all the pain, mental and physical, away. What I didn’t realize was that there was an unwanted ear listening which was just as eager to grant me all my wishes. The devil came to the rescue and provided me with momentary solutions to fight my pain even if it was in a bottle of my favorite liquor or locked away in my room for hours at a time. To be honest, I didn’t care how the pain was removed so long as it was away from me. The devil made guest appearances over the years in a quest to steal me away but not without a price. The biggest price I paid was selling my soul which left me as a fragment of my former self.

I didn’t understand the real meaning of “God doesn’t come when you want Him to but He always comes on time”. I wanted my life back and I wanted it by any means necessary and this was the type of out the other side provided me. It presented me with temporary solutions which only doubled my heartache down the road. It came disguised as best wishes with foul intent though I wouldn’t know until it was too late.

It wasn’t until I decided to be real with myself that I understood my role in my own issues. Prayer is spilling out your soul into the universe and hoping that not just someone hears you but the right person. It’s casting your line into the ocean and wishing for a bite that will feed you. Just like we deal with foes in our regular life, you’ll deal with foes in your spiritual life which seek to rip you apart so much that you barely recognize yourself.

A few of my favorite tips for accepting God’s plan are below and hopefully you’ll find a bit of solace in them as well!

  Be Real with Him

 He knows us better than we know ourselves so fronting like everything is all good  isn’t productive. Unlike our friends and family, He has the strength to carry our weight.

Matthew 11:28


   Trust Him

We all like to think we have all the answers but we don’t. I used to kick myself( I still do at times) when things didn’t go as planned or according to my vision when I realized I don’t have much say In that anyway.

Proverbs 3:5-6


     Keep the Past Where it Belongs

I remember wondering if God was punishing me for not praying the morning of my accident. I literally questioned if this was Him laying down the law in an effort for me to be more obedient. Obviously this isn’t the case, but aren’t you thankful that God doesn’t keep a running tab of all the things we’ve done to offend Him?

Philippians 4:8


 Phone a friend

There are so many times where I opt out on opportunities because I don’t believe I can do it. In the moment, I’m caught up in my own ability forgetting that God loves a good challenge. Philippians 4:13


Don’t dim your light

I hate taking compliments and I ALWAYS find a way to play them down. I think I’m giving myself a hard time but it’s really God who is losing out on a moment to shine. Confining our dreams and talents don’t serve anyone especially not the One you serve. 

Matthew 5:16

I was...but now...

I was...but now...

Life is Made for Living

Life is Made for Living