Refreshed & Renewed

I’ve been experiencing exponential growth and I can’t take all, if any, of the credit. After starting my year bruised and knocked down, I had no other option but to lean on the Lord.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Today I took the time to have a day comprised of absolutely whatever my heart desired. I’ve been on the go so much physically and mentally that my body was begging for a chance to unwind. I’m an introvert so after spending time with people on any level, I usually feel the need to get back to myself and recharge.

The Miraculous Metamorphosis

There are a few books from my childhood that have been able to hold space in my memories all these years. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of those books that was both educational and entertaining. I’m not so sure if I fully understood what the book was trying to illustrate as a kid but I know I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What's Your Issue, Cuz?

“She’s curious, spontaneous, unpredictable, messy, brutally honest, and at times a handful. Sometimes she needs a timeout but I’m mentoring her and teaching her how to prosper through the pain she didn’t have the opportunity to heal from so long ago.”