Hey friend, I'm Kamil!


I'm the voice behind this personal passion project, Aya's Diary. As a young adult going through life's many ups and down, I knew there was a better way to channel my journey than random talks over wine and lengthy Facebook posts. Life as I knew it was flipped upside down after a fatal accident in college stole any piece of joy I knew. I've spent the past 6 years in what has often felt like a never ending storm trying to reclaim what's owed to me-an amazingly BIG life. 

Aya's Diary was birthed out of my love for writing, a need for healing, and my desire to make my pain more purposeful. This is a place for anyone who has been knocked down by life and is ready to pick up the pieces and start living. I want this diary to serve as a place of not only reflection but comfort as you get to see me become the woman I was destined to be no matter how many times I may trip along the way.

Just like you can expect any diary to be, this will be real, overwhelming, personal, refreshing, and a safe haven for all who embrace it. This isn't a lifestyle blog where I'll review the latest DC eateries or outline the steps to my most recent DIY project but a place for personal development. This blog will give you a look into my everyday life and how all my experiences, big and small, are helping me grow.